Reader's Comments

'I absolutely loved reading Amanda's heartfelt book. The minute I picked it up I couldn't put it down. It was incredibly moving. When she reaches the Eiffel Tower in Paris she takes my breath away, and to this day her courage, positivity and determination truly inspires me.'
Sonia, Sister Bliss
'In her book From Cancer to Cancan, Amanda shares her innermost thoughts as she journeys to victory through breast cancer. It's a testament to her immense courage, strength and determination that had its foundations in her faith in God. You will be inspired and encouraged as you read her book.'
Alison Cracknell
'From Cancer to Cancan is an extremely moving book that can't be rushed. I read a chapter a day, choosing to embrace each chapter as a message. I now have a greater understanding of what a journey with cancer looks like,and the many challenges ahead for someone going through it.'
Lyn Greenwood
'This is a most powerful testimony of God entering into Amanda's suffering and bringing her through victoriously. Such an honest, gripping account of Amanda's journey – loved the rosellas!'
Liz Robinson
'In this honest and engaging account of her journey through breast cancer, Amanda has been able to articulate the full gamut of emotions that many who have heard the dreaded diagnosis of 'cancer' will have experienced but may not be able to identify or express. It is a story of faith and courage, pain and loss, but through it all hope that her God is with her and that the love and prayers of those around her will help to sustain her in the darkest and brightest of times. This is a must-read for all, whether or not you or a loved one has suffered from cancer. You will be inspired.'
Lorraine Hook
Restore Kampala
'I was impacted by the very personal accounts of both Amanda and her husband, Barry. I admire them for allowing themselves to be made vulnerable for the sake of giving others hope not just when they're facing cancer, but in any trial in life.'
Ruth Brown

'By sharing your experience you are helping others as they embark on this scary and unknown journey. It helps me to be a better friend to those I know who have been diagnosed. It's the first resource I recommend when someone shares with me that they have breast cancer. Your faith is inspiring as you share every detail of your story with grace, honesty, laughter, and courage. Amanda, you are truly an amazing woman of God! I feel so blessed to have read your book.'
Cas Taylor

'Congratulations, Amanda, on an amazing feat. Thank you for the sharing of your story, your life journey, your faith, and for how well you conveyed it in this book. I was moved to tears, not only because of the consequences of the disease and its effects, but because of the love and warmth expressed by you through your life and the love of others in response to you. So honest and moving. Praise God that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Blessings.' 
Alison Bond
'From first page to last it is both uplifting and inspiring, while showing you what true spirit in all its forms can overcome. Thank you, Amanda, from all the women and families in the world that are going through a similar journey. I am sure many will find comfort and solace in your story. Glad I was wearing waterproof mascara!'
Jaimie O'shaughnessy

'As someone who has not gone through the journey of breast cancer treatment myself, reading Amanda’s book served to be an education and a great eye-opener to all that a cancer patient has to endure. Her fight for life is very evident and is beautifully written from the heart, with great vulnerability and honesty.
Amanda’s faith and trust in her God to heal her was always at the forefront of her thinking. She drew strength from the promise of His words as giving life in themselves, and always gave God the glory for every breakthrough.
Whether Christian or not, I would highly recommend Amanda’s book to anyone facing this journey or to those close to someone who is. I believe they will find her story enlightening, encouraging and uplifting.'
Wendy Short
'A huge congratulations to my dear friend Amanda Pipella on the release of her wonderful new book. Amanda shares her amazing story of living through and surviving breast cancer. From Cancer to Cancan will leave you inspired and encouraged to be grateful and live life to the fullest.'
Coral Vass
'From Cancer to Cancan is truly an inspirational book, heartfelt and candidly written with extreme sensitivity. It is the end result of a cancer journey fought with faith and determination, and a valuable aid to inspire hope and survival in women who have been touched by cancer. Furthermore, it serves as a catalyst in one’s spiritual journey of faith to discover in “our weakness we are made strong" in Christ.
This book conveys the suffering, the anguish, the fears of the darkest hours, the upheaval of what cancer brings to one’s life, but at the same time it shows that the hope of survival against all odds, along with faith in God, will overcome every hurdle. If we remain in faith – even in the darkest of nights, when we cannot see ahead – we will make it through. Philippians 4:13: I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me.
I recommend this book to every woman who is going through cancer.' 
Connie Vella
'Having known Amanda in pre-cancer days I can see the years of preparation in God that bought her to, and through, cancer. Faith in His Faithfulness has allowed her to go through the fiery trail set before her that she might come forth as pure gold and receive His reward, as she gives Him the glory. Faith that requires total surrender, regardless of the trial. The story of her book is the walk of Faith, not the walk of sight, and her trust in God to lead her through the darkness of cancer.
Faith that comes by hearing by the word of God kept Amanda, and will continue to encourage her, and all who read her book.
I pray that whoever reads Amanda's book will find Faith in God to lead them through every trial of Faith in life, to receive His reward and give Him the Glory, Amen.
Love you precious lady.'
Fay Dash